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I enjoy science communication. Check out YouTube for the full collection. I did most of the voiceovers, including the ones of children, and male or female characters. And despite living in the UK for years, I don't have the typical accent as I've spent time in different parts of the world - a true global citizen! I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoy making them.

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Data Science Roadmap with Elsa and Anna from Frozen

Programming languages, IDEs, data sources, web scraping and common packages.

Gradient boosting and decision trees | Harry Potter Wizard's chess

Here’s the back story of the Philosopher’s stone. Hagrid was tasked with keeping it safe. Harry visited Gringotts and met a Goblin for the first time. Harry, Ron and Hermione must win over the white chess pieces to rescue the stone. Use gradient boosting and decision tree in R to figure out how they can win.

Multinomial Logistic Regression in R | Harry Potter Sorting Ceremony

Harry, Ron and Hermione attend the Sorting Hat ceremony for the first time. Build a multinomial logistic regression classifier that serves as the Sorting Hat!

Squid Game| Machine Learning tutorial | Episode 1 - Red Light, Green Light

Fun animation featuring the Squid Game series and characters. Learn how to perform machine learning in 5 minutes.

R Caret package for Machine Learning | Encanto Data Science

Build a classification algorithm. K-nearest neighbours imputation, one-hot encoding, feature selection, hyperparameter tuning and ensembling the predictions.

Multiple Regression in R | Harry Potter Quidditch

Harry, Ron and Hermione learn how to fly in their first Quidditch lesson. Neville got into trouble and needed rescuing. Use multiple regression to figure out if Harry has the skills to rescue Neville!

Squid Game | Network Analysis Tutorial | Episode 3 - Tug of War

Fun animation featuring the Squid Game series and characters. Learn how to perform the social network analysis in 6 minutes.

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