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One Data Science Competition Winners!

We have reached the end of our One Data Science programme. This programme was developed for A-level students to gain hands-on experience in R programming.

With a heavy heart, we exchanged goodbyes and wished the students every success in their pursuits. Students started with zero experience in R. Over 3 weeks, they learned to write codes to plot a wide range of graphs, wrangle and transform data and perform basic statistical analyses.

We wanted to reward the students for their efforts and asked them to submit a slide containing visualisations generated in R for our Data Science competition.

Congratulations to Ali, Dylan and Khairah for their winning entries! We hope that they will use the cash prize to take their data science learning up a notch.

I’m very proud of all the One Data Science Fellows Kai, Nanaki, Asma, Kasia and Millie for their commitment, enthusiasm and dedication toward this programme and for supporting the students throughout. 

Also wanted to thank Rini, Albert, Stefanie and Natalie for their insights and contributions.

Happy coding!

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