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Lancet Healthy Longevity paper on clinical trial representativeness

New paper published in the Lancet Healthy Longevity led by Lai Lab’s PhD student, Yen Yi Tan. This is Yen Yi’s first corresponding author publication and I’m very impressed by his perseverance and confidence in handling the peer review process. Well done, Yen Yi!

My trainees know that I strongly advocate for early career researchers (ECRs) to be corresponding authors. Although ECRs make up a large proportion of the academic workforce, many have less than positive experiences when it comes to academic publishing. Being a corresponding author is even more important than a first authorship to demonstrate scientific independence. Unfortunately, many ECRs are not afforded this opportunity. This is perhaps unsurprising because over 50% of ECRs felt that they do not receive support from their PIs.

We do things differently at the Lai Lab. Students and postdocs are encouraged to take on corresponding author positions and to closely engage with the peer review process.

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